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Business processes automation Ltd.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Our projects

PeterburgGaz - Print to PDF function;
PeterburgGaz - Vehicle tracking function;
PeterburgGaz - Gas network place of accident localisation function;
PeterburgGaz - Microsoft Silverlight control for Intergraph G/NetViewer;
PeterburgGaz - Copy&Paste function for G/Technology.
Tasks implemented for Intergraph Corporation:
AKV - G/Technology DAN-DAS system prototype allowed Intergraph Denmark to win tender for Aarhus Kommune city (second largest city in Denmark).
HMN-Natural Gas - G/Technology project for Danish gas distribution company;
DONG - participated in G/Technology system creation for DONG - Danish energy company;
SEAS-NVE - BPA Ltd. participated in creation of G/Technology system for SEAS-NVE company. SEAS-NVE is a largest consumer-owned energy 
company in Denmark;
GPT (G-Project tool) - Intergraph G/Technology metadata management application. GPT is now part of G/Technology product.
Recommendation from PeterburgGaz Ltd.
During the co-operation period Business Processes Automation Ltd. has proved itself as a reliable partner and demonstrated a high level 
of services and software quality...