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Silverlight control for Intergraph G/NetViewer

Intercative real-time graphics in G/NetViewer map window


Sillverlight control ABPGeoControl was created to show intercative real-time graphics over Intergraph G/NetViewer map.


ABPGeoControl makes possible to solve for example the following tasks using G/NetViewer:

- Vehicle tracking;

- Mobile workforce management;

- Showing results of calculations and analytic queries using different styles;

- Showing SCADA points where numbers are changing every several seconds;

- Showing actual network state (pipes with the wifferent collors depending on the current pipe pressure);

- Length profile;

- Geometry placement;

- Other tasks.


In general, ABPGeocontrol makes possible to reproduce Intergraph InService functionality using Intergraph G/NetViewer.


Components created using ABPGeoControl:

Vehicle tracking

Accident localization

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ABPGeoControl consists of the following components:


- Tables in Oracle database containing Oracle Spatial SDO_GEOMETRY field and attribute fields. Each record in such a table is one object (one feature), having its coordinates in SDO_GEOMETRY field and attribute information in other table columns;


- Web-service ABPGeoService. The main task of ABPGeoService is to read geometries from Oracle table SDO_GEOMETRY fields, create Silverlight canvas code and send this code to the client in order to show it on the map. Geometries being sent to the client having already not geographic but window coordinates, so the task of the client is only to add prepared code to the control. Metadata: What tables to use to read data, styles for the objects, Silverlight legend structure, attribute names e t.c. is defined in ABPGeoService.xml configuration file. So set and parameters of the objects (features) shown on the map can be configured. It’s planned that in the future ABPGeoservice will become able to read geometries not only from Oracle Spatial tables but also from DGN files, XML files, text files and other sources. There are legend-entries (layers) configured in ABPGeoService.xml file which can be read from different databases and data sources and shown on the map together. Right now ABPGeoService works only with Oracle Spatial;


- Two Silverlight controls located in G/NetViewer folder on server:

    - ABPGeoControl.xap – managing Silverlight control, which can be seen in the left G/NetViewer frame. It’s collecting user input, interacts with Web-service ABPGeoService and adds data returned from ABPGeoService to the Silverlight map;

    - ABPGeoMap.xap – transparent Silverlight control, which is located in transparent frame over G/Netviewer map frame. This control is showing Silverlight map geometries over G/NetViewer map and collects user events.