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Intergraph InService(TM)

InService is a mobile workforce management system. It was created based on I/CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) emergency dispatch software, which is used by 911 service.


The difference between InService and I/CAD is in presence of a network data and functionality in InService system.


System is designed to control and manage the processes of maintenance crew distribution between working tasks, also to control processes of the network traffic distribution.


The main advantage of the InService is ability to work with big amounts of events and commands in real time mode.

The main functions of the system

Entering information into the system

Import of the engineering network objects geometry and attribute information from external system

Engineering network geographic and attribute information is being loaded into InService system from external GIS system, such as Framme or G/Technology.

Registration of the event or accident information in the system

Dispatcher registers each call information: location, event type, emergency level e t.c.

Entering information about network objects current state

Dispatcher registers information about engineering network objects current state being reported by maintenance crews by radio.
Tracking of the maintenance crews movementInformation about maintenance crew current location is being registered by GPS tracking system or reported to dispatcher by crew.
Entering information about progress of the workMaintenance crew reports work progress using mobile terminal.

Information exchange


Exchange actual engineering network objects state information between InService an SCADA systems

InService and SCADA systems exchange information about actual engineering network objects state in real time mode.

Receive information about events and accidents from external system

InService receives information about events from external systems in real time mode.

Exchange messages between dispatchers, crews and other members of the InService system

Dispatchers, crews and other members of the InService system send and receive orders, communicate, exchange messages and reports.

Providing information for decision-making


Show current location of the maintenance crews

Each maintenance crew current location is shown on the map of the I/Dispatcher application.

Show current location of the maintenance jobs

All the events and jobs reported are shown on the I/Dispatcher map-window.

Show current state of the network objects

Information about network objects state is shown on the I/Dispatcher map-window using different styles.
Show the list of the jobsAll the jobs and events reported are shown in the I/Dispatcher application window.
Show the list of the crews logged in to the systemAll the active crews logged in to the system are listed in I/Dispatcher dialog window.
Show the list of the jobs assigned to each crewEach active crew has the list of the jobs assigned to it in a dialog window.
Show the list of the jobs assigned to the crew available in mobile terminalEach crew has the list of the jobs assigned to it available in mobile terminal.

Intermediate calculations and logical operations for decision-making


Find place of the accident

System finds place of accident based on locations of incoming calls.


Upstream and downstream network traces to visualize the process of network traffic distribution.

Show the list of disconnected customers

Create the list of customers disconnected from electricity because of the outage.

Ready management decisions


Auto dispatch

Crews are automatically distributed between jobs. Main criteria for the crew selection for the job are distance and crew skills.

Switch plan

Switch plan creation depending on changing network parameters.